A guide to Back Sleeping

A guide to Back Sleeping

It takes time to settle into new habits, especially with something as personal as sleep. We recommend slowly introducing back sleeping into your lifestyle. Start by introducing the pillow for just a short time each night and slowly build yourself up to longer periods.

Sleeping on your back with your knees raised can be more comfortable for some. Try using the Boost Pillow or the Therapeutic Knee Pillow if you require additional support.



For dressing your bed during the day, flip the pillow over to the flat side and tilt it up against your headboard, blend it with your traditional pillows for your bedroom aesthetics. The flipped Back Sleep Pillow also offers a comfortable and supportive position for sitting upright in bed.



You can also purchase Hyoumankind silk and linen pillowcases for your Back Sleep or Go Pillow


From Back Sleep to Go

The raised side wings that support you to learn to sleep on your back can detach to reveal the central Go Pillow. Simply remove your pillowcase to expose and remove the supports.

The Go Pillow can be used as an everyday or travel pillow so you’re in the best position wherever you sleep.

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