New Zealand designed and made

We proudly design and make all Hyoumankind pillows and accessories in New Zealand. This not only helps to support our local economy, by manufacturing everything close to home, we can keep the promises we make to our customers, by having total control over design, production and quality, down to the last detail.

The Hyoumankind ‘Pillowsophy’

Sleep is essential for both mental and physical wellbeing. Sleep deprivation is scientifically proven to be linked to anxiety, depression, obesity and many other conditions.
In our ‘always on’ modern world, we grab sleep where and when we can. Hyoumankind was created to help busy people live healthier lives by finding restorative sleep and rest, anywhere. Understanding that the positive effects of sleep on health, we set out to optimise precious sleep in the 21st Century.

We’re thinking outside the bedroom

The ideal conditions for a full night’s sleep can be elusive. So we’re here to help you find moments of rest and comfort, day and night. Like the reusable water bottle – we want your Hyoumankind pillow to be always with you, helping you live a good life. Each one is designed to be portable – so you can always be in your comfort zone.

A message from our founder

Steph Wyborn

Steph Wyborn
Founder & CEO

Sleep is the ultimate ‘me time’.

A time when both mind and body can rest and reset.

It’s rarely easy to find good restorative sleep in the 21st Century. Yet it’s so integral to our wellbeing and energy. By taking a mindful approach to sleep and rest, I want to change the way people think about sleep, so they too can rediscover its natural restorative benefits.

Hyoumankind was born through my own experience with sleep. Waking up feeling less than wonderful in body and appearance, led me on a journey to discover the connections between sleep position, health and wellness.

Hyoumankind design protected, New Zealand made premium memory foam pillows combine rigorous sleep science, manufacturing innovation and human experience to support optimal rejuvenation, recovery and relaxation.

Our pillows are used and loved by elite sportspeople, appearance experts, postural practitioners and those looking for nurturing support – as more and more people wake up to sleep.