Sleep is the ultimate ‘me time’.

Hyoumankind was born through my own experience. Waking up feeling uncomfortable in both body and appearance, it led me on a journey to understand the connections between sleep and the huge impact it has on our health, appearance and wellbeing. 

Determined to find the evidence I needed, I learned how wrinkles form, about postural alignment, snoring, and the impact of sleep on general wellbeing. With plenty of evidence to support the power of sleep, but few quality solutions related to pillows – I began to make and trial my own, starting at our kitchen table. My family were always by my side to support me, during the following decade of research, experimentation, and collaboration.

Hyoumankind design protected, New Zealand made premium memory foam pillows are a system of pillows that support the whole body, and are the result of intensive research, manufacturing innovation and human experience, to promote optimal sleep, rejuvenation, recovery and relaxation. Our family business is dedicated to sharing what we learn, and committed to constant improvement to bring you the nurturing support and rest you need, day and night.

Steph WybornFounder & CEO

Support. Where You Are.

Hyoumankind is a support system of pillows designed for your whole body. Each pillow is designed in tune with the human body, crafted and scientifically developed in advanced materials, to give you the luxurious comfort and support you need where and when you need it, so you can rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and spirit.
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Premium Materials

The best pillow is comfortable, yet supportive. Our advanced memory foam moulds to the contours of your body – relieving pressure points – then bounces back without clumping, sagging or shifting. Open cell technology keeps you cool by promoting airflow. And each cover is crafted in premium materials, for everyday luxury.


New Zealand
Innovation & Craft

We proudly design and make all Hyoumankind pillows and accessories in New Zealand. This not only supports our local economy, but by making everything close to home, we can keep the promises we make to our customers, with a careful eye on every detail of design, production and quality.


We're Thinking Beyond
The Bedroom

We’re here to help you find moments of optimal comfort, day and night. Like the reusable water bottle – by your side, helping you live your best life. Each pillow is designed to be portable, and multifunctional – so you can always be in your comfort zone.


The Hyoumankind

Hyoumankind creates innovative products to enhance peoples lives. Our system of supportive pillows help busy people like you live a healthy life, by finding precious, restorative sleep and rest, wherever and whenever you need it.

Customer reviews

Lightweight, premium open cell memory foam. All pillows come in a microlight, breathable liner that fits to the contours of each pillow.
The advanced technology used in the development of our premium slow release memory foam optimises comfort and support allowing you to rejuvenate, recover or relax your body and mind.
Hyoumankind pillows are made in New Zealand.
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