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Go Pillow

Multi-tasking pillow providing comfort in the bedroom and beyond.

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Boost Pillow

Designed to support your legs, back, and anywhere else on the body.

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Back Sleep Pillow

Gently trains you to back sleep - to enhance your appearance and recovery.

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Knee Pillow

Alleviate back, knee or muscle pain by supporting the lower body.

Proudly designed and crafted in New Zealand

Hyoumankind is a labour of love.
A journey of care and perseverance. Our ergonomic premium memory foam pillows are the result of a decade of design, experimentation, innovation and human experience. All crafted to help you optimise rejuvenation, recovery and relaxation, whenever and wherever it's needed.
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New Zealand

Ten years of product development

Creating our system of pillows to support the total body didn't happen overnight. The journey to develop the Hyoumankind range of ergonomically designed pillows was a labour of love that spanned 10 years, 20+ prototypes and 3 continents.


A true ‘beauty tool’

Over the past few years I have loved having my own Go Pillow at hand, which has accompanied me on long haul flights, to yoga retreats and days at the beach and by the pool. It’s also a true ‘beauty tool’ that I’ve recommended to friends and readers for its multi-tasking abilities. Perfect for use post-procedure or surgery to help with back sleeping, when wearing a silk pillowcase it’s a dream for keeping serums and night creams in place and hair smooth and tangle free.
Helene R, Beauty Editor

I love taking my Go Pillow with me everywhere

After a traumatic skin incident and using steroid cream on my face I noticed my skin was starting to age rapidly. Upon waking I’d have a crease down the side of my face that would stay for hours and it started to become a permanent line. Since I have been using my Silk Go Pillow my skin has looked and felt better and I wake up with with no creases! I’ve also noticed the health of my hair has improved with less split ends. I love taking my Go Pillow with me everywhere to ensure a restful night’s sleep & I don’t want to sleep on anything else. I wish I had known sooner it was possible to have such a wonderful, deep and relaxing sleep thanks to a well designed pillow. My body relaxes into the contour and materials and I highly recommend anyone seeking quality, comfort and support for their wellbeing to try one. Thanks Steph and team for creating something mindful and considerate of people and planet.
Amber, Holistic Practitioner.

I highly recommend the Go Pillow, I love it

Once again, I can now get my full eight hours of sleep, and uninterrupted. My Go Pillow is part of my life kit. It comes with me along with me when I go to meetings, travelling, and it gives me support and comfort in many different ways. It is so versatile. I cannot praise the Go Pillow highly enough. It may sound dramatic, but it’s the truth. It gave me back the comfort, support that I lost.
Jackie P

It’s made a very positive difference to my life

I tried several different brands and shapes without noticeable improvement until I purchased the Hyoumankind Go Pillow following a friends recommendation. After sleeping on this pillow for a couple of nights, to my relief I very quickly found the pain in my neck was not as severe as it had been. When I met my surgeon a couple of weeks later he recommended I continue using the Hyoumankind Pillow. Since I have been using the Hyoumankind Go Pillow the pain has subsided, and I’m sleeping more comfortably. I find the size of the Go Pillow to be excellent not just for use at home but to take away, or use when traveling on an aircraft. I have been using the Hyoumankind Go Pillow for over a year now and found it has made a huge difference to my comfort while sleeping. I wake up in the morning feeling so much better, it’s made a very positive difference to my life and has been a great investment.
Phil S

Total relaxation and recovery

“The Go Pillow enhances the therapeutic experience during massage as when clients are lying on their back the pillows take all the pressure of their spine and allows total relaxation and recovery.”
Melanie Dale – High Performance Massage Therapist

Inspired cosmetic benefits

”I consider the idea of a pillow which encourages sleeping on your back, an inspired one. The main cosmetic benefit to sleeping on your back comes from not “squashing” the facial skin (which happens when lying on one’s side or front), and over decades causing increasingly deep lines around the eyes, mouth, on the décolletage and on the forehead.”
Dr Joanna Romanowska MBChB, FRNZCGP, FNZCAM – Cosmetic Medicine Practitioner

Fantastic pain reduction

”I’ve had chronic back pain for a while now and the Boost Pillow is fantastic. I’m on the road often and the pillow helps immensely as a back support. I use at home on the couch too.”
Raj R

Uninterrupted sleep

”I have had a poor sleep over the last 7-years due to multiple health issues. I have traditionally got by on 2 - 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. The Back Sleep Pillow combined with the Therapeutic Knee Pillow has all but eliminated tossing and turning at night. My sleeping periods have dramatically increased on average 6 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.“
M Law

This memory foam is amazing!

”Our family of 4 used the Go Pillows on our long-haul flight from New Zealand to Argentina, and right through all our connecting flights and waiting around in airports. We all found them so supportive and comfortable, and we regularly recommended them to others. The way the memory foam eases your pressure points is amazing. My Mum also used one of our pillows when she was wheelchair-bound for 2 months after a serious accident and it made a huge difference for her comfort - she said she wouldn't have managed without it.”
Paula P, Busy Mum of 2


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