Steph’s supportive sleep ritual

Steph’s supportive sleep ritual

Hyoumankind founder Steph has spent the last decade not just developing more comfortable, supportive ergonomic pillows, but also fine-tuning her own sleep habits. Today she’s sharing her regular sleep ritual – and the other things that help her sleep – with the Hyoumankind community. We hope it inspires you to create a unique sleep ritual that works for you. So you can get the deep restorative sleep you need to live a better life in our busy modern world.

Many years ago I was that that person who would sit in bed late at night with my laptop! Never now, I treasure sleep. These days I aim for 7-8.5 hours a night. I’m a lark who can also stay up late, so I’m careful to not push my own boundaries.”

Creating a sleep sanctuary

My bedroom is a sanctuary, and every night I’m truly grateful to be there. I’m surrounded by everything that makes me feel good: soft colours and lighting, warm, organic textures, angora chair, candles, my aloe vera plant, a white feather dream catcher, books, and crystals – depending on what I feel I need. There’s a sort of shrine made up of special pieces I’ve received from my children or other special people in my life.”

Bedding is everything

“I’ve invested in an amazing Sleepyhead mattress. This I top with either a summer or winter weight duvet. I prefer pure linen bedding, and use a light cashmere/wool blanket at the end of the bed that I can wrap myself in for extra cosiness. I alternate my Hyoumankind Back Sleep and Go Pillows, occasionally using the Knee Pillow too,  depending on how my muscles feel from exercise. And sometimes it is just a lovely feeling to put your feet up.”

What I wear

I sleep with basically nothing on, (it’s a good way to manage your temperature!) and no hair ties or jewellery. I feel free and can layer my bedding up or down to feel cosy or cool.

A gentle wind down

“I’ve learnt to switch off my laptop at least 30 minutes before bed, and have a cup of tea to relax – Artemis Deep Sleep Tea or Rest & Relax Tea are favourites. I use Absolute Essential Dream Time oil that I rub on my temples if I feel I need them, the smell is divine. I sometimes read, but I’m often tired and ready to nod off immediately!

“I also love to heat a Bright Eyes Rose Quartz crystal and place it on my forehead on my 3rd eye (while horizontal), it stays warm for about 1-2 minutes and helps me focus on being and feeling rather than thinking. It’s so warm and nurturing, I drift off to sleep. Meditation and music can be lovely too, but I fall asleep very quickly so I don’t like leaving AirPods in my ears (for comfort reasons). If my mind drifts, I try to point it towards all the good stuff that’s happened that day.”

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