We call it science; you call it sleep

As we continue to learn about our bodies and minds, more people are waking up to the importance of sleep. This drives us to push our design and use of the latest materials, as we look to natural science to optimise something so essential to our wellbeing.

Remember, it’s all about memory foam

You want a pillow that’s soft, but also supportive, for a more comfortable and overall better night’s rest. Our products are made of specially formulated, memory foam that compresses and slowly recovers, molding to the exact contours of your body to relieve pressure points. These memory foam pillows bounce back to life after use, without clumping, sagging or shifting.

Sleep is essential to wellbeing at every stage of life

Sleep deprivation can cause accidents or increase the risk of some chronic health problems. It’s even been shown to trigger weight gain.

Having plenty of comfortable, quality rest supports optimal physical and mental health, and helps you learn more effectively, enjoy better relationships, and embrace a full life.

Asleep or awake, when you feel supported and comfortable you are poised to get the most out of life.

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