Helping people wake up to sleep - The Luxury Network Magazine

Helping people wake up to sleep - The Luxury Network Magazine

Hyoumankind was featured in the May-June 2020 edition of The Luxury Network Magazine, discussing our mission to bring greater awareness of the power of sleep.

"Hyoumankind founder Steph Wyborn was struggling to get a restorative night's sleep. Determined to find answers, she studied the science of sleep, and its impact on physiology, beauty and wellbeing.

With plenty of scientific evidence to support the power of sleep - but few specialised pillow solutions - Steph knew she would need to design her own. Ergonomic design and aesthetics were paramount, as was material selection - a high-grade, advanced memory foam for exceptional support and comfort. 

The result of almost 10 years of R&D, the Hyoumankind pillow range is now available. A commitment to manufacture in New Zealand means quality control meets Steph's exacting principles. It's these standards that see Hyoumankind's pillows used and loved by elite sportspeople, aesthetic specialists, physical therapits and people who are embracing the luxury of deep, restorative sleep."

"Our intention is that your Hyoumankind pillow - like the reusable water bottle - will become an integral part of your everyday life, always with you, offering luxurious support and comfort wherever you go," Steph Wyborn, Founder of Hyoumankind.





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