Design journey: the Go Pillow Travel Bag

Design journey: the Go Pillow Travel Bag

Our founder and designer Steph pours creativity and care into every Hyoumankind product. Like the Go Travel Bag, custom designed to fit the Go Pillow, transforming it into the ultimate travel pillow. We asked Steph about her design process for the Go Travel Bag, and why finding the right materials was so essential.

Why was it so important for you to make the Go Pillow travel friendly?

I wanted the Go Pillow and Go Travel Bag to be travel and user friendly, to support our concept and mission of helping people get consistent and comfortable sleep by providing a compact pillow and a travel bag so they could easily take their pillow everywhere with them. The Go Travel Bag took about 2 years to perfect…there were so many factors to consider and the more we thought about its use and our customer, the more we wanted to make it super special!

How did you decide on fabrics?

I wanted a durable fabric that would withstand a busy lifestyle and being outside the home. It had to be water resistant, to protect the Go Pillow from weather. But it needed to be a specific type of fabric that didn’t create the typical rustling noise or stickiness of most water-resistant fabrics. We wanted it to be breathable for temperature regulation, these were all considerations ultimately to create as much comfort as we could for our customer. The Go Travel Bag is designed without buckles or Velcro, so when the Go Pillow is used in the Travel Bag – whether flat or rolled against the body for support or comfort – nothing on the bag juts out. It makes it very smooth and comfortable. 

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Did you intend for the Go Pillow to roll with the bag, or did you discover this accidentally?

We always intended the pillow to be portable and compact, yes. But the innovation of it took so much longer than anticipated because of all the factors we were considering; the surprise factor was that we had created a lower back lumbar roll without planning it!

How do you care for the Go Travel Bag?

Being water-resistant, the Go Travel Bag is designed to protect the Go Pillow from spills, make-up and skincare residue, as well as the dust and dirt of travelling through airports, in cars etc. The beauty of the Go Travel Bag is that it’s easy to care for: just turn it inside out and pop in the washing machine, or even handwash in your hotel bathroom. I like to spritz it (and my space) lightly with an Auric Mist. It’s so comforting on a long plane journey, or in a hotel room – and the size is carry on approved.

Watch Steph explaining the Go Travel Bag's design here.


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