Back to beautiful sleep

Back to beautiful sleep

It’s a fact that as we age, we develop lines or wrinkles. Some are caused by frowning, smiling and other muscle movement and some, static wrinkles are unrelated to movement or expressions and can be caused by the positions in which we sleep.

Do you have sleep wrinkles?

Sleep wrinkles are caused by a repeated compression of the face against pillows, as we sleep on either our side or our stomach. The effects can be etched on your face, neck, and chest. Many of us sleep on our side, which causes marks and vertical creases to appear on the face and chest. This position also reinforces and deepens expression wrinkles like frown lines and lines around the mouth area.

Are you finding lines and wrinkles developing on your chest?

Initially, the skin bounces back from being scrunched and compressed overnight, with the lines smoothing and disappearing during the day. Unfortunately, in time with loss of collagen and elasticity of the skin associated with aging, these lines gradually become more permanent and deepen. Botox cannot treat these areas as they are not caused by a contracting muscle. Dermal fillers can be useful to treat some cases, but the ongoing scrunching of the affected area every night renders the results temporary.

Are you a stomach or side sleeper?

The only way to prevent sleep wrinkles is to stop sleeping on your side or stomach. For many people this is easier said than done, as lifetime habits are very difficult to break. Some people really struggle to learn to fall asleep on their back, and even those who are good at training themselves to sleep on their backs, often wake up on their side, having turned over during sleep.

How can you learn to Back Sleep comfortably?

The Hyoumankind Back Sleep Pillow is ergonomically designed with raised side supports to promote back sleeping which can reduce compression and the appearance of sleep wrinkles.

Back Sleep Pillow

This innovative pillow helps your body learn to sleep on your back, and stay there once asleep. With long-term use, it is expected that due to the normal repair properties of skin, existing sleep wrinkles and skin texture can improve and new or deepening sleep wrinkles can be prevented.

How can back-sleeping enhance your beauty treatments?

With the skin of the face, neck and décolletage no longer being compressed on a nightly basis, the effect of various skin treatments will be enhanced and the duration of the effects extended. This includes fillers, skin needling, peels, laser, plastic surgery, eyelash extensions, to name a few.

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