All snug inside: creating a cosy winter bedroom

All snug inside: creating a cosy winter bedroom

We spend around a third of our lives in our bedrooms. And because we start and end every day there, we want them to be to be as snug and cosy in the winter as they’re airy and cool in the summer.

Embrace the hygge

Over centuries of surviving long dark winters, certain countries have elevated cosiness and conviviality to an artform. In Norwegian, Koselig means embracing the cold by layering up and joining other people outdoors, in Dutch it’s Gezellig (a sense of inner warmth and hospitality), and in Scotland it’s còsagach. While all these terms have different nuances of meaning, they’ve come from a similar intention – to embrace and enjoy winter rather than suffer through it.

The best known of these concepts is Hygge: to reflect the Danish sense of being cosy and relaxed indoors with candles, fireplaces, and indulgent hot drinks. Here are a few ideas from the Hyoumankind team, who are embracing hygge in our bedrooms this winter.

Layer up your textiles

If your bedroom has a hard floor, adding a thick rug beside the bed makes all the difference to getting out of bed on a wintery morning. Swap out light, summery fabrics for plush throw blankets, and cosy cushions – you may like to swap out linen summer drapes for velvet, for insulating your bedroom and creating a cosy luxe look.

Switch to warmer bedding

Layering up your bedding with flannel sheets, down duvets, and wool blankets will keep you warm and comfy, while being visually cosy and inviting. Try layering a chunky blanket or quilt over your duvet, and add comfort with a supportive pillow that works both in and out of bed.

Invest in cosy loungewear

Cashmere loungewear evokes feelings of warmth and luxury like nothing else: invest in cashmere for pieces like a hoodie, bed socks and a long cardigan. If cashmere isn’t in your budget, a fluffy cotton towelling robe and lounge pants will keep you just as cosy.

Some ideas to transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

Give it a glow up

Adding warm, soft lighting to your space with extra lamps creates a hygge ambiance on long winter evenings. While a roaring fire might be an interior design fantasy for many of us, a similar effect can be achieved with inventive use of candlelight and make you feel happily insulated from the cold outside. Candles can also bring in wintery scents: whether warming spices and vanilla, or bracing evergreens like fir or cedar. Remember to snuff out candles before you go to sleep, or use rechargeable candles.

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Create a cosy winter zone

A luxe, comfy reading nook with a comfy chair or chaise, a soft blanket, and a stack of books is a great place to escape the cold weather. This not only adds visual warmth to your space, but also helps it feel inviting and gives you somewhere to snuggle up and read, meditate, or listen to music. Incorporate elements from nature with evergreen branches, autumn foliage or rich-toned florals.


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